Sound Waves

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Located in the West Village of NYC, Village Community School is a leader in K-8 education. Using a grand wall in their schoolyard as a public art space, the content always reflects the current spirit of the VCS global community. Their latest mural was conceived and produced as a conceptual piece of art, honoring the students themselves. The student body was grouped by class to record themselves saying "WE LOVE VCS." Some of the students recorded the same sentiment in Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin too. The sound waves of these recordings were reinterpreted to create the powerful mural which will populate their schoolyard for decades to come.


Art Direction

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Painted sonic waves and corresponding wavelengths join to form a kaleidoscopic patchwork of color, line, shape, and form.

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The VCS Mural was made with MBG, hand-painted by Colossal Media and our video was edited by Joseph Huba.

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