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Alexi Libby conceived ProductionPro while on-set shooting a feature-length film. An antiquated, paper industry, the “set” shut down for several hours after a change in the script was approved by the director. An idea was born in the films costly lull; create a digital platform for theater, film, and television to produce shows in real-time.

Ideas for app’s are ubiquitous, but ProductionPro fills a gray area where no other tool exists. Whether you’re a set designer, prop stylist, casting director or script consultant, the tool aids real-time collaboration on and off the set. For the first time ever you can visualize your show in entirety in one place.


Visual Language
Art Direction
User Experience Design
Product Design

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The product creates a beautiful visual scroll representing the production from any script.

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We collaborated with the Production-Pro team, helping them to identify their minimum viable product and chart a memorable user experience. Our approach was simple: design an app we want to interface with but our parents could easily use.

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The brand language we established was created in tandem with the original sketches for the app design. This agile approach to identity system design yielded a flexible system for a flexible product.

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