A Movie
The Data

Director and screenwriter extraordinaire, Logan Kibens approached us to help her visualize what proprietary life-tracking software for a feature-length film could look like. Operator: The Movie stars Joe - a data-obsessed computer programmer who quantifies everything about his life from moods, sex, and food to friends, location, and sleep. Joe developed proprietary software to visualize the data he collects every day. Obsessively tracking, monitoring and reading his lives data - Joe finds his life spinning out of control as his neuroses grow. Lucky for Joe, he has alluring information graphics to look at in the meantime to control something, anything.


Information Graphics
Data Visualization
Creative Direction

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We always joked that user interface design in films was utterly unusable. Suddenly we had the opportunity to create the most beautiful data visualizations with no technology, minimum viable product or specifications as guiding limitations.

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Inspired by the vivid colors of the photographs the protagonist, Joe, snapped daily - the user interface and data visualizations are enigmatic by design.

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Our approach: combine geometric abstraction with fluid animation, simple typography, and unfamiliar user interfaces to create alluring data tracking screens.

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