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Q, a quarterly magazine for prospective students of New York University, features bespoke illustration to support each editions theme. Chris Browne, the Art Director of NYU's Marketing Department asked for our help to create the illustration and art direction for their “Make It Happen” installment. The featured content highlights both students and alumni who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in tech.

Interoperation immediately came to mind as a theme to creatively run with; students working with students, students working with faculty, and omnichannel relationships with the university pushing the tech needle to ultimately "Make It Happen.”


Art Direction
Graphic Design

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Our path was clear, combine custom lettering with orderly illustration to create rich, didactic vignettes telling the stories of tech. Using isometric lettering and flat lettering together to create a dynamic space opened up the pages for our fictional environment.

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Our result: whimsy section headers featuring our lettering and pages of vector based illustrations. Combined with the accompanying textual content, the quarterly edition was a huge success gaining the attention of prospective students around the world.

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