This is
your brain
on funk

As a whopping nine-piece band, the New York Funk Exchange plays some of NYC’s hippest funk and soul music around. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY. - the band formed in 2007 and has since played several hundred live shows, sharing the stage with such acts as Eddie Money, Damian Marley, Nas and many more. The power and energy of New York Funk Exchange has an electrifying effect on their audiences, leaving them wanting more. We have witnessed the magic of New York Funk Exchange grow over the years. Since their debut album (we also designed) in 2007 to their follow-up sophomore album “This Is Your Brain On Funk,” the band has evolved into a Neo-funk group appealing to a wide variety of audiences steadily playing packed houses across the USA.


Creative Direction
Album Artwork
Graphic Design

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The title of the bands album is a play on the 1980’s anti-drug slogan “This is your brain on drugs.” The album art for This Is Your Brain On Funk was a direct visual translation of the sentiment - no need to stray far from a classic play on words

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Our idea; mimic the band's analog approach to music by using our hand to create album art. Our approach combined hand-drawn illustrations and Sumi ink lettering with photographic montages.

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The concept; funk replaces drugs. Music is dropped from antiquated forms of music players and the montaged characters minds are blown into psychedelic oblivion.

This Means Business