Mixed Business Group was formed in 2001 by Creative Director’s Marc Balet and Mark Cline as a full-service advertising agency. Located in the heart of Soho, NYC - their client base reflected the location with accounts like Nike, Jockey, Barney’s, Ben Sherman, Emporio Armani, Sebago, Speedo and South Pole to name a few. In 2012, Tyler Mintz joined MBG as their Senior Art Director across all accounts. Out of the gates, Tyler helped transform the agency into the brand consultancy it has grown into today. His work their straddled strategy, branding and experience design. The result? Coupled with the powerful creative direction of Marc Balet, they worked together with clients ranging from Mariah Carey to Sotheby’s all while picking up a Webby along the way.


Art Direction
Graphic Design

System Design
Web Design
CMS Design

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The agency’s new visual identity rose from the spirits of both owners. A lone mark or limited color palette was not a flexible enough system for their new consultancy.

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The flexible identity system allows for print and digital collateral chalked full of the same nuances the consultancy prides themselves on; imagination, planning systems, and their whimsy.

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We designed and built a digital experience which captured the rich work of the past alongside featuring the contemporary work of the brand consultancy.

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