Having toured many of the world’s most infamous electronic music orientated DJ booths and most of NYC’s clubs and warehouses, Julio can always surprise you on the dance floor with his eclectic mix of light & darkness. Off the dance floor, he was asked to curate a record of his top ten choices for music to make love to. Based on his world-class New York taste, Julio put together a collection of music so seductive you’ll have to wait to listen at home. A non-traditional man coming from in a traditional, upper east side childhood, Julio continues to search for fresh talent to fill the shelves of his music collection. To help promote his sex (mix)tape we collaborated to create outlandish imagery and striking typography sure to stun and captivate its New York audience. Taking a hands-on, multidisciplinary approach to the album art, we danced around the studio with many mediums.


Creative Direction
Typography Design
Graphic Design
Poster Design
Album Art

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The campaign promoting Julio’s sex (mix) tape took many forms. Using both analog methods and digital tools the two converged concept of a mixtape with the media sources mixtapes are now distributed worldwide in just seconds. The result? We took an idea and made it physical, executing a visual plan that evoked the musical depth and fashion mood of Julio’s work.

This Means Business