Your Bike

Has Never

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Bikestock provides support for urban cyclists through a network of vending machines, toolkits, and cycling products. By making self-service bike repair available around the clock, Bikestock aims to encourage more people to ride their bicycles. Bikestock’s digital experience aids users in the discovery of Brooklyn based makers in a monthly “Featured Makers” section. The mobile experience is streamlined to locate the nearest physical location in times of emergency. Bikestock made key partnerships with Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods extending their fleet up and down the North East Atlantic Coast.


Brand DNA
Visual Language
Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Brand Management
Digital and Physical Collateral

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Central to Bikestock’s strategy was the notion that fixing your own bike should be a pleasant experience. We transformed a bike parts company into a brand for the people of New York City through a lively, vivid, visual language.

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Reconstructing the underlying shape of a vending machine - we revamped the traditional chevron icon to embody the Bikestock brand.

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Bikestock’s touch points are homogeneous across every environment or contextual application; may that be a poster, hand painted toolkit or illustrated guide. The brand's architecture was built to inform the strategy for every application, digital, physical or environmental.

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The digital experience is as accessible as the physical locations. Our goal to create an effortless user experience on the screen or in a users hands was paramount to the brands' success.

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