In Park City competition isn't confined to the slopes. Real Estate is a popular, aggressive industry in the beautiful, snow-dusted mountain town. We created a world-class brand and digital experience for the world-class real estate brokerage for Shane Herbert, the #1 seller in Summit Sotheby’s Utah region. Shane’s team, footprint, and sale-sheet grew exponentially. The custom real estate experience is tied into the essential Multi Listing Services (MLS). We also customized the search allowing clients intuitive filtering capabilities and search views. We set out to make the real estate shopping and selling experience both beautiful and easy to navigate. The result: more time to hit the slopes for everyone! By combining ease and desire, we made luxury purchases a beautiful joy rather than an anxious chore.


Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Book Design

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The Shane Herbert brand (previously known as Bureau) focuses on the name recognition Shane has amassed in the real estate industry and the Park City community.

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The visual language we built centers around the delicate color palette coupled with an elegant typographic system and alluring photographs of properties.

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Whether Shane's selling your second home or buying you a summer condo, his approach to real estate is personal, genuine and forthright.

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We developed proprietary digital tools to assist Shane’s team to streamline the experiential home buying and selling process. Our focused approach gives Shane Herbert’s team a huge advantage amongst their competition.

This Means Business