Jaffa Group has been an ingenious leader in the design and build community for the past 20 years. Started as a father-son family business, Jaffa Group has grown to become a full-scale architecture firm with their home base in Park City, Utah. Jaffa Group’s business offerings are unique as they can design and build a home from the ground up both inside and out.

We refreshed the entire brand experience to unite the award-winning level of architecture to Jaffa Groups rich history and lasting client relations. Our strategy was simple; design and build a brand experience harnessing the same craft, attention, and care as the houses Jaffa Group builds. Their work speaks for itself, we just helped them to tell their story through printed collateral, digital experiences, and marketing.


Creative Direction
Graphic Design
User Experience Design
Web Development
Made with MBG

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Jaffa Group is unlike any other architecture firm in Park City, Utah. The visual language was crafted to communicate their unique business proposition. Bringing a coherent voice and look to all the collateral and brand touch points was our primary goal.

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The result? Reshaping the Jaffa Group logotype commenced a profound study, deep-seated in iterative designs allowing us to collaborate with the agencies co-founders earnestly, ultimately achieving bright results for all involved.

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Jaffa Group grew their family business the old-fashioned way; hard work every day. We followed their lead through a series of rigorously rewarding processes.

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