Every food
has a story

Foodstalk aims to help individuals become more conscious of their foods’ origins. Foodstalk wants to make it as easy as possible to eat locally grown food in NYC. Their mission is to increase understanding of the importance and value of locally grown food. Foodstalk uses multiple avenues to reach people: the Internet, the streets of New York City and through a series of events. Using NYC as a case study, Footstalk raises awareness, educates and celebrates locally grown foods. After all, we are what we eat - why not make it awesome? They hope to change the conversation about locally grown food by leaving an indelible mark on how we interact with food.


Founded by Tyler Mintz

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Foodstalk was founded by Tyler Mintz in 2010. Farming has run in the Mintz family for four generations starting with his great-grandmother, Barbra, from Hungary. In the early 70s Tyler’s father, Andrew, worked as an Agricultural Extension Agent in cocoa production in Colombia. When he returned to the States, Andrew started to farm organically on his own gentleman’s farm, before organic was “cool.” On land once used as an apple storage facility, the Mintz family farm was home to the community’s “u-pick” raspberry patch among other vegetables, honey bees and some livestock like chickens, ducks and goats.

Growing up, Tyler was surrounded by small-scale agriculture and livestock. His childhood was full of picking berries, making and jarring tomato sauce, getting eggs from the hen house, feeding animals and watering crops. From ages 12 to 17 Tyler was sent to live with his grandparents every summer to work at the family bakery, The Nantucket Bakeshop. There he sliced thousands of loaves of bread while working side by side with three generations of his family. Of the many Mintz family rules, two stood out and heavily influenced Tyler’s attitude toward food: “Make sure to be home for dinner,” & “You have to try every food at least once.”

When Tyler moved to an urban environment in 2001, he realized not everyone grew up eating home-grown food for dinner. People in Brooklyn weren’t going to their backyard to fetch the eggs for breakfast. Baffled by the distant relationship between people and their food in NYC, Tyler founded Foodstalk.

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The campaigns are not trite or stiff call to action. We only author campaigns that we feel can make a real difference. Our posters, flyers, and ads engage people on an emotional level and promote awareness about locally grown food.

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Foodstalk hopes to engage people’s interest in knowing about the food they eat, the land from which it comes and the people that grow it through a series of grassroots campaigns.

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Foodstalk functions as a resource online, to help people find locally grown food, artisanal food makers and restaurants that use local ingredients. Foodstalk aims to promote the business of local food makers through small events where they can share their stories and put a face to the farmers behind the food to emphasize the importance (and stories) of locally grown food.

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